Been there. Done that.

"Coach” Crystal Nickson is an award-winning Financial Coach, Accountant and former Tax Law Instructor. She's worked for over a decade with the Internal Revenue Service's V.I.T.A. program, traveling across the state of Michigan conducting training seminars and certifications for financial institutions, universities and small business employees. 


But before she became a money maven, she was one of the 45 million people in the U.S. who struggle with poverty. At her lowest, she was homeless.


It was while pursuing her degree in Accounting, that Crystal realized the importance of understanding personal finance and being empowered by financial literacy. She has since dedicated her life to teaching financial literacy to those in need, ensuring that we all are equipped with the necessary tools to become financially empowered.


Crystal has been featured on FOX 2 Detroit, CW 50, Clear Channel Radio, The Detroit Free Press, and many other media outlets. She’s known for her dynamic personality and her ability to reach across many different demographics to deliver a message of financial education, skillfully infused with hope and perseverance. Recently certified as a Financial Social Work Educator (CFSWE), Coach Crystal has taken a more holistic approach to Financial Coaching, focusing on the behavioral and psychological aspects of money and debt that aid in obtaining permanent Financial Empowerment.

"Coach" Crystal Nickson


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